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REVIEW: Café Rouge, Media City UK

Taking a step inside the Lowry’s Café Rouge is somehow like taking a step into the heart of France. The aroma of food, the smartly dressed waiters and the clinking of wine glasses all contributed to creating the illusion of France. But it didn’t stop there, the décor of the restaurant included the walls being … Continue reading REVIEW: Café Rouge, Media City UK

REVIEW: Simone’s: The Healthy Baker

Popular streetfooder and owner of award-winning Viet Shack teamed up with his wife earlier this month to open Simone’s: The Healthy Baker in Arndale market. In doing this, they have revolutionised feeling of regret that often comes with “cheat-day” indulges. Through intense research and planning, Nelson Lam and his wife Simone Yau, an ex-yoga instructor, … Continue reading REVIEW: Simone’s: The Healthy Baker