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Manchester mourns over Paris terror

By Chantelle Heeds and Laura Steffan The Paris disaster has hit home in Salford as many people have taken time out of their lives to pay respects to those whose lives were lost. Among these people were Peter, 54 and Angela Booth, 53, of Salford, who said: “We find it so shocking that a human … Continue reading Manchester mourns over Paris terror

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Salford continues to send condolences to Paris

A week on from the tragedy in Paris the people of Salford have continued to pay their respects to the 130 victims and their families. Most recently, a message to Paris was displayed on an advertising board on the archway that hangs over the M602 motorway. The message on the board reads “Liberté, ègalité, fraternité”, … Continue reading Salford continues to send condolences to Paris