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PETA, protest, animal rights, Christmas, Manchester, Market Street

Photograph: Chantelle Heeds

PETA hold Christmas protest on Market Street

PETA held a demonstration involving a nearly-naked woman lying on a large Christmas plate in Manchester. The aim of the demonstration was to encourage people to go meat-free this Christmas.

teeth, under five, salford, dental health, manchester, greater manchester,

Photograph: Pixabay

Greater Manchester health professionals reveal plans to improve children’s dental health

Manchester health professionals addressed the poor dental health of children under five in the Greater Manchester area and put plans in place to improve the issue.

protest, Aleppo, Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens, Syria

Photograph: Chantelle Heeds

Aleppo protest hits Manchester City Centre: “Free free Syria, no more killing in Aleppo”

An emergency was held at Manchester Piccadilly Gardens to address the situation in Aleppo. Over 150 people attended and held up banners to raise awareness.

Ambulance, Self harm, NSPCC, Childline

Photograph: Pixabay

Children hospitalised for self-harming on the increase

According to figures released by the NSPCC, nearly 19,000 children were hospitalised after self-harming last year – a 14 per cent increase over the past three years. I spoke to Anna Krala, regional manager for Childlike Manchester about why this might be.

nurses salary, nhs, the times, stand in bosses, salford students

Photograph: Pixabay

Salford’s Student Nurses react to NHS stand-in salary figures

Salford Nursing students reacted to figures released by The Times which claimed that NHS “stand in bosses” can be paid twice as much as a nurses salary.


Photograph: Pixabay

Brexit Update: All You Need To Know

Whilst court proceedings were being held in London, I produced a “what you need to know” article about Brexit, for people who may be interested in the topic but have little to no knowledge on the current situation.

antibiotics, Bury, Manchester, Health, NHS

Photograph: Pixabay

Bury Beats the National Average by Reducing Antibiotic Prescriptions

According to statistics released by NHS England, Bury’s decrease in antibiotic prescriptions at 8.63 per cent, outperforms the England average of 7.33 per cent. I spoke to a spokesperson of Bury’s Clinical Commissioning Group about what this means.

Oktoberfest, Manchester, Culture, Drunk

Photograph: Laura Bailey

Oktoberfest: cultural celebration or excuse to get drunk?

Manchester’s Oktoberfest is increasing in popularity over the years, but it raised the question of why. Are Mancunians really interested in the cultural significance of the festival or do they use it as an excuse to get drunk?