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Salford continues to send condolences to Paris

A week on from the tragedy in Paris the people of Salford have continued to pay their respects to the 130 victims and their families.

Most recently, a message to Paris was displayed on an advertising board on the archway that hangs over the M602 motorway.

The message on the board reads “Liberté, ègalité, fraternité”, translating to, “Salford in solidarity with Paris.”

More than 80,000 motorists that pass this advertising board daily will see the message.

Salford City Council has also added a condolence page to their website, where the citizens of Salford can offer their condolences to the people of Paris who were affected by the tragedy.

Over 70 messages have been left on the condolence page from Salford residents since it’s creation

Among these was a message of condolence by Ian Stewart, elected City Mayor of Salford City Council, saying: “We will not bow to these threats and atrocities.”

Salford joined Manchester and the rest of Europe in preforming a one minute silence to remember the people of Paris on the morning of Monday 16th at eleven o’clock

Manchester Town Hall was also lit in the colours of the French flag over the weekend of the attack to pay respects.

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