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Manchester mourns over Paris terror

By Chantelle Heeds and Laura Steffan

The Paris disaster has hit home in Salford as many people have taken time out of their lives to pay respects to those whose lives were lost.

Among these people were Peter, 54 and Angela Booth, 53, of Salford, who said: “We find it so shocking that a human being could inflict such horrible things on others.”

Peter added: “I would feel particularly nervous if I were about to travel to Paris as during the London bombings in 2005, I was on a bus that was so close to the explosion, I heard the bomb explode, it was so frightening”.

Manchester stood still at eleven o’clock this morning as it joins the rest of Europe in preforming one minute of silence in memory of the 129 victims.

To end the minute of silence, a maroon will be fired from the top of Manchester Town Hall along with the dangling of the Union Jack flag.

Manchester Town hall was also lit up in the colours of the French flag over the weekend as a sign of respect and will remain this way until tonight.

Florian Marlin, a French resident of Manchester, also arranged a gathering at Piccadilly Gardens which he described as “non-political and non-religious” as another way the citizens of Manchester paid tribute to Paris last night. According to the event page that Marlin created via Facebook, 925 people from Manchester attended the event.

The attendees of the event were predominantly students and younger people who carried pictures of the Eiffel Tower and the French flag they had printed out in advance as pre-decided in the Facebook group while planning the event.

The attendees held them up high while remaining silent, some of whom had tears in their eyes.

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